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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Tax Bill

Guest Post This is a guest post from Laing Business Solutions. They are a Brisbane-based accountancy and business solutions company offering tailored packages and top notch support for your business. Don’t make tax time too taxing In Australia we pay tax and that is a...

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Great podcasts for small business

My first car was a bright red Ford Laser. Like any teenage boy, getting a decent stereo system installed was high on my priority list. Surround Sound, Sub Woofer & a Removable Face were all very important! With my CD wallet packed with my favourites, that car took...

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The importance of relationship marketing

My four-year-old daughter loves all things nature. She is obsessed with fish, wild cats and whales. Last week, she was telling me how clownfish and sea anemones work together, "they're friends Daddy" she said. The sea anemones provide protection to the clownfish from...

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